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We Want To Grow- Opportunities Abound

Matagorda County wants to expand its industrial, agricultural, tourism, aquaculture and marine fisheries sectors. We have existing assets to support such expansions. We seek individuals or companies seeking opportunities in these sectors. In turn, such expansions will provide greater opportunities for residential, retail and service sector developers and builders.

What We Have

  • Large tracts of flat land
  • Lower land prices than in the Houston metro area
  • Commercial barge service on the Gulf Intracoastal Waterway and the Colorado River
  • Rail service by Union Pacific RR and Burlington Northern/Santa Fe RR
  • An extensive pipeline network carrying multiple products
  • A network of heavy electrical power lines
  • Surface water, Gulf water, large supplies of potable and brackish groundwater
  • An aggressive educational “grow our own skilled employees” program

Where We Want To Go

  • Expansion of our existing energy cluster
  • Green energy expansion and use of our agriculture sector
  • More tourism infrastructure around our Gulf and bay frontages
  • Value added production for our aquaculture and marine fisheries sectors

Matagorda County is positioning itself as an “energy cluster” for conventional and “green” power generation and energy fuels production. Learn more

News & Press Releases

Oxea expands production plant in Bay City, Texas
MCEDC welcomes new Executive Director
Heather Menzies, Director of Communications  |  22-May-2013

Strotheide, 25-
year economic
veteran, has been
named executive
director of the
Matagorda County
Corporation. read more >

Matagorda County, Texas - Economic Development Corporation
Matagorda County, Texas - Economic Development Corporation
Matagorda County, Texas - Economic Development Corporation
Some local imagery provided
by Virgil Fox

On February 15, 2013 Tenaris announced that they had selected Matagorda County to be the home site of a $1.5 billion seamless steal pipe manufacturing plant. To learn more about the TenarisBayCity project and about the rich history and culture of Matagorda County, watch the video below.

Matagorda County, Texas - Economic Development Corporation